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"Every Friday, as soon as I'm home from school, the first thing I look forward to is opening my envelope to behold the (potential) awesomeness contained within! Seriously, I love it."
Kieran - Phoenix reader

"There is no more hotly anticipated event in our house than the arrival of another package of brilliant stories, excellent jokes, bizarre worlds, brain-squooshing puzzles and glorious colour that is the new issue of The Phoenix. And sometimes I even let the kids read it first."
Chris Addison - Comedian

"Children will love The Phoenix – and Mums and Dads will doubtless want to sneak a peek too."
Dame Jacqueline Wilson OBE - author of Tracey Beaker, former Children’s Laureate

"If you’re looking for a comic to read to your kids, I highly recommend The Phoenix. Beautiful, funny, brain-expanding"
Graham Linehan (on twitter) - Writer and Director, known for Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Black Books