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"I love The Phoenix. It celebrates that wonderful marriage between words and pictures and its blend of excitement and wit and sheer raucous fun is exactly what readers need today. Viva The Phoenix!"
Philip Pullman

"Every Friday, as soon as I'm home from school, the first thing I look forward to is opening my envelope to behold the (potential) awesomeness contained within! Seriously, I love it."
Kieran - Phoenix reader

"There is no more hotly anticipated event in our house than the arrival of another package of brilliant stories, excellent jokes, bizarre worlds, brain-squooshing puzzles and glorious colour that is the new issue of The Phoenix. And sometimes I even let the kids read it first."
Chris Addison - Comedian

"Children will love The Phoenix – and Mums and Dads will doubtless want to sneak a peek too."
Dame Jacqueline Wilson OBE - author of Tracey Beaker, former Children’s Laureate

"If you’re looking for a comic to read to your kids, I highly recommend The Phoenix. Beautiful, funny, brain-expanding"
Graham Linehan (on twitter) - Writer and Director, known for Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Black Books