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September 9, 2012

Jamie Smart


The British Space Agency have sent a monkey into space! And a jolly good thing, too, because he’s a mean, selfish, noisy, bullying little fur-bag. But …

…all does not go well with the flight, and Monkey’s spaceship just about clears the first hilltop before crash-landing in a peaceful forest. Monkey decides this is a new world and claims it for his own. And his first decree is that all other animals should be banished!

There’s a brand-new BUNNY VS MONKEY story every week – only in The Phoenix!

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Bunny Vs Monkey is created by…

Jamie Smart

Jamie studied art at college for four years, but it was just an excuse to practise drawing animals with boggly-eyes. He drew loads of comics but eventually started doing actual books. His favourite things to draw are cats, skulls, pigs and cakes (these are also his favourite things in life). His worst things to draw are cars, football boots, horses and bats (these are also his least favourite things in life. Except horses. And bats). Jamie lives in Kent, just south of London.