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Blog of Awesome


September 3, 2012

By Adam Murphy


Our intrepid interviewer chats with some of the most amazing guys and girls from history every week in The Phoenix. Kings, explorers, heroes of science, musicians – he gets all the DEAD FAMOUS to spill the beans on some of the most INCREDIBLE, ASTONISHING, GRIZZLY, GRIMY AND COOL bits of our world's history!

ARG! You've missed some great guests already this year (just check out the roll call below!), but don't worry – back issues of the Phoenix, including all the Corpse Talks so far are available right here. And there's always another famous corpse just dying to talk. Look out for engineer extraordinaire ISAMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL, love-struck QUEEN VICTORIA, king of castaways ALEXANDER SELKIRK and the explosive revelations of GUY FAWKES – all coming up soon only in The Phoenix story-comic.
Don't forget to send your suggestions for who should be interviewed next to dig@thephoenixcomic.co.uk.
Corpse Talk is a Phoenix staple and appears in the majority of Phoenix Issues. Dig into the Corpse Talk Store to get all the exclusive interviews. 

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