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Good Dog, Bad Dog

January 19, 2012

by Dave Shelton


It's true! The canine cops from classic comedy crime-caper GOOD DOG, BAD DOG are coming to The Phoenix Comic for a brand new adventure!

We'll be serialising their forthcoming NEW DFC Library story DOUBLE IDENTITY every week in The Phoenix from the end of March. Hurrah!

It's a super-exciting new adventure that draws our hero hounds into the murky world that lies beyond the sparkly glitz and shiny glamour of Hollywood's film studios!

Someone has been sending some very nasty hate-mail (they don't even sign-off with kisses!) to one of the movie world's best-loved actors – and the contents of the latest package have been explosive!

Bergman might not like the case, but milkshake and movies-loving McBoo is in doggy heaven. It's his chance to meet the screen world's biggest stars. If they stay alive long enough, that is…

GOOD DOG, BAD DOG: Double Identity begins in Issue 13 of The Phoenix Comic.

And meanwhile, you can catch up on Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo's previous adventures in The DFC Library book GOOD DOG, BAD DOG, available now from David Fickling Books.