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The Phoenix is great in the classroom…

School Reading

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The Phoenix is all about bringing great stories to children, to both boys and girls, and while it’s suitable for all ages, most of our readers are aged 6-12.

We know from direct feedback that The Phoenix can be truly fantastic for reluctant readers (including dyslexic children) – encouraging them to read independently and for pleasure.

An attractive and high-quality resource in the classroom, The Phoenix can enhance all aspects of curriculum learning – why not try it out to supplement your Art & Design, English or History lessons?


The Phoenix is fantastic! Let’s give children something they love to read that works!
Miranda McKearney, Director – The Reading Agency

The Phoenix is ideal for school libraries and, according to the local primary head, has established reading habits among the hard to engage early readers as well as appealing to those who already have the habit.
Sir Tim Brighouse, Formerly Commissioner for London schools &
Chief Education Officer of Birmingham and Oxfordshire

The first issue arrived this week and is being devoured by our Year 6 class.
Natasha – Wolvercote Primary, Oxfordshire.

The Phoenix is used in reading sessions, though are also available in the classroom for other times. They have turned some of our reluctant readers into keen readers, and for those who enjoy novels, it provides a light read.
Francis Murphy – Pegasus School, Oxford.

Thanks for the comics, they arrived yesterday. The kids have already started flicking through them and are desperate to know if they’ll be the group that’s got them for guided reading!
Amanda Bradley – Bewdley Primary School, Worcestershire

The Phoenix is a fantastically fresh and fun comic that appeals to even our most reluctant readers …including some of our teachers! Although perfect for chilling out with in the library, it has features that can be used in a variety of secondary subject areas and we here at St Gregs love it!
St. Gregory Catholic School

Today I’d estimate that 80% of the class read at least some of each Phoenix – some for the adventure serials, some for the humour strips, but most loving the whole thing! In fact several of the children have taken out a personal subscription. The first thing my new class wanted to know in September was would they be getting The Phoenix and my departing class wanted to know how they would now get to see a copy!
Tony Williams – Colmore Junior School, Birmingham