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The Oxford Children’s Comic Festival Report

May 7, 2013

Hurrah! Woop woop! Hooray! That’s right, last weekend saw the inaugural Oxford Children’s Comics Festival held at The Story Museum. The Phoenix teamed up with the great and good of the comic creating world to bring Britain its first ever children’s comic festival. Filled to the brim with brilliance the festival kicked off in some style.

There were … DEEP BREATH … comic-making masterclasses, drawing activities, convention tables, games, a wheel of awesomeness, comic pizza, Phoenix ice cream, storytelling, dirty great comic bombs, the navy, giant comics on walls, glittering bowler hats, burgers, crows, feather hunts, a name the festival competition, vikings, pirates, a wall of awesomeness, t-shirts galore, badges, stickers, dinosaur costumes, harmonicas, overly-excited Phoenix team members, and more awesomeness than you could shake a proverbial stick at! PHEW…

Sarah Workshop

Sarah McIntyre's workshop in full swing!

Amongst the plethora of comic creators, one of the most exciting parts of the festival was the attendance of two young comic makers who rocked up to the festival to show off their creations. Zoom Rockman creator of The Zoom was out in full force at the festival showing off his marvellous comic, and indeed so successful was his outing that we have it on good authority he sold every last issue he had!


Zoom Rockman

The utterly superb Jordan Vigay was the second young comic producer to grace the festival with his presence. Jordan is the sole creator of The Red Crow, which is now in its third issue. (Sarah McIntyre has a small interview with Jordan so run on over HERE to get the low down). The Phoenix met Jordan at Thought Bubble, back in November 2012, and we were so impressed by what we can only describe as, his SHEER GENIUS, that we’re sure Jordan is destined for great things in the future.


Jordan Vigay

A HUGE thank you to both Jordan and Zoom, it was a pleasure to have you at the festival and The Phoenix doffs its metaphorical feathery hat to you both.

Zoom and Jordan weren’t the only ones to exhibit their creative flair on Saturday though. The festival was awash with all kinds of amazing, fantastic and magnificent illustrations from children all of ages.  

Jo and Wheel

Some fun at the "Wheel of Awesomeness"

Fired-up by brilliant comic workshops from Neill Cameron, Sarah McIntyre, Adam Murphy, The Etherington Brothers, and Tom Plant, the festival going children got stuck in, and like crazed comic-making machines, spent hours producing an incredible variety of wonderful and wacky drawings. 

Children and wall

Young comic-creators!

The festival even had a GIANT COMICS JAM, outside in the courtyard. Curated by the Pirates of Pangaea co-creator Neill Cameron, this MAHOOSIVE comic drawing saw lots of contributions from artists of all shapes and sizes. Check out Neill’s blog for a blow-by-blow account of the comics jam. Lashings of awesome sauce guaranteed!


Jordan Vigay adding his part to the giant comic.


Jamie Littler, creator of Cogg & Sprokit doodling on a giant scale.

Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy, of Corpse Talk adding the finishing touches!

The Phoenix has never been so excited and we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make the day such brilliant fun! Long may the festival continue – and next time we'll be back bigger and better than before!