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The Phoenix visit Tales on Moon Lane

October 31, 2012

The Phoenix comic recently visited the brilliant Tales on Moon Lane book shop, Herne Hill, London.

Thrills, spills and comic skills were on the agenda and all things story were covered. Zach Simmonds-Hurn, creator of Skyraiders and the artist behind Simon Swift along with some of The Phoenix team met a host of wonderful Phoenix fans.

A MASSIVE "thank you!" to the team at Tales on Moon Lane and for all of the brilliant Phoenix fans who attended the workshop. The Phoenix salutes you.

Check out some of the comic creating fun below, including the brand new story of Benji the space-dog created by the brilliant Phoenix workshoppers!

Our hero for the day … Benji the space-dog.

We meet Benji here after he has successfully rescued the special acid-filled space crystal from the evil aliens! The only problem is he hasn’t managed to shake them all off, an evil cyclops-skull is in hot pursuit….

… Never fear though because as are all aware, if there are two things that we know from school, its that 2+2 = 4 and that the only way to defeat an evil Cyclops skull is to fire poisonous ham sandwiches at it!

Threat defeated Benji shoots back to earth…

… To deliver the space crystal into the hands of the jubilant Museum Curator for safe keeping. A good job well done!

See below for some sneaky shots of the ace comickers who attended the event!