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Troy Trailblazer: And the Princess of Paragon Behind the Scenes, Part 1

May 17, 2013

Want to know a bit more about the new series of Troy Trailblazer? Well look no further! We thought we'd ask the amazing Rob Deas to reveal some of his secrets. Take it away, Rob!




This is a snapshot of my final layouts from page 1 of the new series. I draw my thumbnails at around 1/3 of the size of a full comic page and then scale them up to full size and add text. Once the series has launched I’ll show you the full set of thumbnails for episode 1 and talk you through my working process, but doing so now would give away too much of the story! Sorry.




A new adventure calls for a new logo. I liked the old logo but it took up an awful lot of room on a page and was a little hard to read. I also didn’t like that the Troy part of the title was so small. When I talk with my editor and fellow artists and writers I always refer to my series simply as "Troy" and readers have also adopted this abbreviation. I thought the new logo should reflect this with Troy dominating the composition. As you can see, the new logo is also more compact, allowing more room for action and adventure!




The new series features bounty hunters a lot! This guy is the lead bad guy, a vicious bounty hunter called Granvil. Eagle eyed readers might find him and the rest of his crew in a previous episode of Troy, perhaps during the Creation Stone saga? This should also give you a clue as to who else may be starring in the new series!




I never actually got around to posting this on Twitter yet, but I thought it was funny how long I obsessed over this intergalactic policeman. He features in just 4 panels of the first episode of Princess of Paragon and that’s it. Over the whole course of my 13 week run we never see him again, yet he went through a number of revisions before I settled on the final design.

The first panel is from my thumbnails and I just felt he looked too much like an ordinary policeman, not alien enough and certainly not cool enough. The second panel was along the right lines, but his suit was a bit nondescript and too curvy. The final design is a little more heavy duty and my policeman finally looked like he could take on a group of good for nothing bounty hunters.

In reality I never should have taken so long over a minor character like this when there’s deadlines to meet, but sometimes you’ve just got to take the time to get these things right.




The final image for this blog post gives a bit of a snapshot of my working process. Here I’m inking over my pencils, completely digitally in Sketchbook Pro on a Wacom Cintiq. And as you can see, Blip has had better days. Poor Blip.

I hope to be on here again with more behind the scenes snippets, both before and during the Princess of Paragon series. So until next time, Phoenixers!

Troy Trailblazer: And the Princess of Paragon begins in issue 73 of The Phoenix!