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January 12, 2012

By Patrice Aggs


The Phoenix Comic proudly presents the highly addictive, tremendously tricky story and spotter-puzzle WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT – live from the chaotic town of Blimpville…

"Hello! I'm roving-reporter Julie July, and along with anchorman Bob Browntash, I'll be bringing you LIVE updates from every crazy, unpredictable, bizarre and sometimes downright dangerous event in Blimpville -the world's most accident-prone town.

"I’m just back from a mini-assignment covering the Celebrity Vs Children Crazy Cook-off Contest. It was wild! And most definitely crazy. Click below to see what I mean. And then join me and Bob again in The Phoenix for more live reports from Blimpville – the town where anything can happen, and usually does!"


Blimpville has made appearances in The Phoenix Issues 1-14, 18-22 and 67-72 so far – Get your head stuck into these story-spotter puzzles by checking out the Blimpville Section of the shop.

And watch out… who knows when the chaos will start again!?


What Will Happen Next?! is created by…


Patrice is a children's book illustrator (she writes some, too) but has given up trying to count the number of books she’s done over the years. Storytelling with images has always been really important to her. She started drawing comics when she was really young, like about four. Her teachers and parents wanted her to draw portraits and landscapes and still-lives, but all she wanted to do was comics.  When her mum and dad moved house a while ago they found one of her first efforts, and sent it to her. It was a comic about a family of carrots with super powers. It didn't make much sense, and the last page was missing.  She wishes she could remember what happened in the end. Patrice lives on a farm in West Sussex with her husband, a few sheep and an irritating cat called Spoon.