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August 1, 2012

By Lorenzo Etherington


Join the brave explorer Von Doogan on his latest dangerous adventure. Solve the puzzles and mysteries that stand in his path and help him on his way. Quick wits and a courageous spirit are essential!

Von Doogan puzzles can be found in the back of all good issues of The Phoenix – so that's all of them! Check out the Von Doogan Store to see them all. 




Stuck on the puzzle in this week's Phoenix Comic? Need a hint to help? Then you've come to the right place. Just take a look below and you'll find the clues you need to put you – and our intrepid adventurer – back on the path to adventuring glory!


Welcome back, puzzlers! The Great Air Race is upon us. And Von Doogan is already confused. He’s been delivered a super secret message in super secret sandwich code and can’t seem to read between the slices. Of course The Danger Journal is on hand for you code crackers to decipher the symbolic snack. But remember! Imagine how the tray appears from Doog’s perspective… If you’re having some trouble then maybe have a milkshake to stop you feeling blue. Good luck, guys!



Von Doogan has asked us to express PROFOUND and DEEP thanks to the following puzzle-cracking wizards for their help in keeping his DANGEROUS ADVENTURES on track (Your special exclusive Certificates of Adventuring Excellence are heading out to you via postie right now!):

NIAMH ARTHUR for awesome auction action and some slick sums in 'The Bidding War'!
AMELIE CROSBY ADAMS for coping with some complicated coffee conveyance in 'The Big Coffee Pot'!
AZIZ NASATYR for getting Doog back on course by peeking at the right posters! Round of applause for Aziz!
ALANNAH CHADWICK for solving the secrets of 'The Magic Square' – take a bow, Alannah!
DJANGO FLINT for knowing your sandwich from your cypher and what to make of the milkshake!
ROBERT COUTTS for reading between the lines in 'The Long Voyage Home'!
JOEL and ETHAN COATES for having an eye for antiques in 'The Treasure of Javasu Island'!
ODYSSEAS GABRIELATOS for rolling his way to victory using the GOLDEN CUBE. Odysseas, we salute you!
TOM BLAKE for never taking his eye off the Nemo. Good spotting there, Tom!
JAMIE FRANCIS for delivering a KNOCK-OUT blow to Nemo's crew and helping Doogan give them the slip.
LILI BUTLER for unscrambling the the unscramble-able in a tight spot! Hooray for Lili!
SEAN SPICER for eyeing the right vine! And having the muster to finger Buster! Nice going, Sean!
LUKE MYHILL for ducking, diving and dashing your way through Kuthulu's third CHALLENGE!
BEN NEIGHBOUR for tricking the trickster in Kuthulu's second task! Nice job, Ben!
VICTOR FOSTER for having the STRENGTH of mind to overcome Kuthulu's first challenge.
JULIET STOREY for wisely making the BIG CHOICE look easy.
ROLY PEEL  for putting the monkey back together again! And without using all the King's horses and all the King's men.
JOSEPH MURPHY for helping the Doog with his WEIGHTY PROBLEM
EMILY SPARROW for spotting a safe spot for Doog in THE JUNGLE HUNT
Sterling work, ARTHUR CONMY – you made fast work of The Morse Message!
HADRIAN FORD who made short work of unravelling the clues on Captain Nemo's desk in THE BIG DISCOVERY!
LOUISE SALMON for helping our daredevil climb The Unexpected Edifice!
JACK BUTLER who wasn't in the least bit BAFFLED by The Baffling Bridge Caper!
LILAH LEWIS for being nimble of mind and quick of eye in outsmarting the MIRRORED MAP!

JACK BUTLER who got Doog back on the right track with some hasty and impressive kit-bag packing. You're King of the Duffel Stuffers, Jack!
ANJU BERADI for ensuring the BIG HIDDEN MESSAGE didn't stay hidden for long! Superb code-cracking skills, Anju!
HARPER LEWIS for navigating THE BIG PLUNGE without becoming shark bait. A stroke of genius there, Harper!
JESSICA LONGSHAW for figuring out the keys to unlocking the STRONG BOX STUMPER! Cracking effort, Jessica!
EUAN TEBBUTT for helping Doogan evade those skulking guards below decks. Fine scurrying and lurking, there, Euan. You'll make a top spy!
AMELIE CROSBY-ADAMS for successfully deciphering THE MISSING MONIKER. Good job, Amelie – you've helped the Doog in a BIG WAY!

HENRY ROWNTREE for figuring out that midnight in CABIN B is the place to be! Excellent puzzle-work, Henry!
HETTY MENTZEL for successful bamboozling the bosun with brilliant bluffing! Congratulations, Hetty! You're the Big Boss of Befuddlement!
TED ANTROBUS for carrying the correct number of ladders, escaping through PORTAL B and discovering GOLD in Puzzle 11 – THE CRATE ESCAPE. Well done, Ted – and double good job for beating your dad to the answers!
SAMIRA YOUNG from Newport for cracking camera-work with Doogan's RED SNAPPER
SAM BUCKLER from Croydon for identifying Captain Nemo. Awesome job, Sam!
BEN FFRENCH from Abingdon for locating the captain's cabin aboard the Ramona. Good skills, Ben!

OSCAR STRONG from Birmingham for releasing Jake Wingnut (YAY – AT LAST!) and helping Doog and his chum escape the cell. Great job, Oscar!
ELLA EASTON for playing her cards right in THE BIG POKER FACE. Nicely done, Ella!
EMILY & KYLE BEEDEN for manipulating the maps to steer Doog toward THE TELLTALE CELL. Great teamwork, guys!
JACK HOLT for negotiating our hero through the deceitful docks in THE DISHONEST DIRECTIONS. Cracking work, Jack!
SOPHIE KING for assembling the pertinent parts of The Big Bopper engine to get Doog's BOMBZILLA rolling. Great job, Sophie!
JAMIE TODD for cracking cryptic case of the 'Big Mysterious Package of Mysteries' – awesome effort, Jamie!
WILLIAM MACKIE for solving the puzzle of 'The Nine Locks' – Good work, sir!
AMY PERKINS for freeing our hero from trepidatious traps in 'The Chattering Totem of Tukaluk' – Well rolled, Amy!


The Dangerous Adventures of Von Doogan are created by…

Lorenzo Etherington!
Lorenzo dreamed of being an artist from a very early age. His first word was ‘pencil’. His second was ‘paper’.  He studied Fine Art at Falmouth Art School where he learnt useful life skills, such as how to construct a full-size JCB digger out of scrap metal. He lives and works in sunny Bristol and is very fond of his garden.