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Issue 275 Book Club

April 7, 2017


The Huntress: Sea

By Sarah Driver






“In the sky, the fire spirits dance and ripple. Grandma says they showed our Tribe that I’d be a captain, before I was even born.”

Ever since Ma died, Mouse has looked after her little brother, Sparrow, dreaming of her destiny as captain of the Huntress. But now Da is missing, Sparrow is in danger, and a deathly cold is creeping across Trianukka . . .

It’s a sea-churning, beast-Shattering, dream-dancing, whale-riding, terrodyl-flying, world-saving adventure.

Read a sample:
 “The beasts are coming. I’m below decks in the gloomy kitchens, helping Pipistrelle salt raw reindeer steak, when the first call hacks through the air. As the sound fades, my fingers stop dead and cold chunks of salt dig into my skin. My bones turn to water, but I stand fast. I won’t let my knees buckle.”

Sarah Driver


Sarah Driver was born in West Sussex, where she still lives close to the sea with her street-wise ginger cat and her miniature lop-eared bunny.