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Issue 277 Book Club

April 21, 2017


Dragon’s Green

by Scarlett Thomas

Canongate Books


Dragon's Green packshot


Effie Truelove is a pupil at the Tusitala School for the Gifted, Troubled and Strange. When her grandfather is brutally attacked, Effie promises to look after his magical books. But then shady book collector Leonard Levar gets hold of them and Effie has to embark on the most dangerous adventure of her life!

Oh, and by the way, on
the hardback edition…
the cover glows
in the dark!

Dragon's Green glow in the dark

‘I loved reading Dragon’s Green… I found it even better than Harry Potter books! If you like books about magic, dragons, rare books and friends, you’ll love Dragon’s Green!’
¬†–¬†Anon, 9 years old


Scarlett Thomas (c) Ed Thompson


Scarlett Thomas is a best-selling, award-winning, tale-spinning writer. When she’s not writing, she teaches others how to write at the University of Kent.