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Issue 282 Book Club

May 28, 2017


Evil Emperor Penguin STRIKES BACK!

by Laura Ellen Anderson

David Fickling Books/The Phoenix comic


Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes Back Cover 3D Lo Res


For anyone who doesn’t know, Evil Emperor Penguin longs to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! With his assistants, Number 8, a very well-to-do, sharply dressed octopus, and a cute ball of fluff called Eugene, he’s planning nefarious schemes of WORLD DOMINATION! There’s only one problem: EEP isn’t very good at world domination.

From the pages of The Phoenix, this book tells about the time EEP’s beloved spaghetti hoops are stolen! Could this be the work of his arch-nemesis Evil Cat?

Laura Ellen Anderson

Laura Ellen Anderson  spends every waking hour creating and drawing and would quite like to live on the Moon when humans finally make it possible.