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Issue 288 Book Club

July 9, 2017


Demon Headmaster: Total Control

By Gillian Cross

Oxford University Press



Something strange is going on at Lizzie’s school. Suddenly everyone’s brilliant at something. Where have these amazing skills come from? And why can’t they talk about them? It’s as though the pupils have no power over their own actions. Could this be something to do with the mysterious new headmaster . . . ?

The return of one of the all-time greatest book series ever written has everyone talking!

You don’t want to miss out!

About the author
 Gillian Cross photo high res
Gillian Cross (born 1945) is a British author of children’s books. She won the 1990 Carnegie Medal for Wolf and the 1992 Whitbread Children’s Book Award for The Great Elephant Chase. She also wrote The Demon Headmaster series of books that were later turned into a television series by the BBC.
 Gillian Cross is one of the best children’s novelists today and her stories of the Demon Headmaster are both fun and quite frightening. – Daily Telegraph