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Michael Morpurgo is a Phoenix Comic Fan

November 16, 2011

Michael Morpurgo
, award-winning children’s author and all round wonderful storyteller, shares his thoughts on the importance of comics, stories and The Phoenix

‘The Phoenix will be bringing great stories to children every week – a feast of stories of all sorts!’

It was as much through The Eagle and Classics Illustrated, those wonderfully evocative comic books of the Classics, that I first came to a love of stories. I loved the speed of the stories, the breathless excitement I felt as I turned the page. I am now a story maker myself, so I owe a lot to my ‘comic; beginnings!’

What matters hugely is that children should be excited by stories, in whatever form, whether in books, CDs, comics, movies – it doesn’t matter. For many children comics are a way in, a way to become a reader. That’s what they were for me.

The Phoenix will be bringing great stories to children every week. It will be funny, lively, scary, exciting – a feast of stories of all sorts every week. It’ll become part of a child’s life, a weekly treat!


*Photograph copyright of Michael Morpurgo