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Welcome to The Phoenix Book Club!

March 18, 2016

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We all know reading is brilliant,

but where do you start deciding which books to get for your Phoenixers?


We love reading, you love reading and we want children to love reading. So we’re pleased to announce that our new feature starting in Issue 220 is The Phoenix Book Club, a monthly spread talking about four fantastic books, hand picked by the team, that have just come out for 6-12 year olds.

Tabs and the gang will read new releases non-stop, voting on four every month that they think Phoenixers will love the most. They’ll look at plot, writing style, illustrations and their inner child to come up with four great picks. Tabs and co. will tell you a little something about each book, aiming to spread the joy of reading by letting kids know what amazing, and different, stories are out there!

Want to have a look?

Then take a peek at our free digi-issue

or pick up Issue 220 from one of our stockists.


Doogan’s Tool Kit: The Great Air Race

February 5, 2016

Von Doogan Danger Kit 2

Have a Mega Robo Bro Christmas!

December 21, 2015

Ho Ho Ho, Phoenixers!

 It’s Christmas in a few days, so in true Phoenix Spirit, we dug through our archives and have brought forth “Mega Robo Christmas” by the incredible Neill Cameron! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

*Please Note: The real Santa Claus was not hurt in the making of this comic.


Phoenix Friday: Issue 203

November 20, 2015

This week our cover has been overrun by Squid Bits, with a rather ‘in your face’ theme!

But that’s not all, Pierre Von Plume has taken over Issue 203! It seems he was rudely left out of Issue 200. You see, at the time he was in a mailbag full of FABU-GOOSE Phoenixer art. Everyone was saying ‘Pierre? Pierre? Where are you, Pierre? Time for Issue 200…’ But he was too mesmerised to come out!

We’ve promised Pierre that we won’t tell anyone at Phoenix HQ about him being in a mailbag. If they find out, they’ll stop Pierre being in charge and there is so much more he wants to do before the end. Have a read of Issue 203 and see the strips he’s written, the jokes he’ll tell and watch Pierre Von Plume interview Pierre Von Plume!

Pierre Quotes

Also this week:



Surf monkey



Poor Ponky


The Battle for The Phoenix comic

October 30, 2015

Issue 200 of The Phoenix comic!

October 29, 2015

twitter background 200

We are celebrating our 200th Issue! We are the first independent weekly comic in the UK to reach this milestone since 1969.

We’re thrilled to be publishing our 200th issue! It’s 48 pages of awesome orginal stories, with a cover by Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell and a trailer for a new strip launching in 2016; Philip Pullman’s John Blake.

What’s more, we’re now available in WHSmiths around the UK! So tell your friends and their pets! As well as WHSmiths you can find The Phoenix in selected Waitrose, Waterstones and independent bookshops! To find your local Phoenix stockist check our list!

We couldn’t have done it without any of you, and so the editor would like to say a thank you to everyone who’s ever supported us:Note from the Editor_curvy


10-13 Category

October 23, 2015

Microsoft Word - 10-13 catagory.docx

6-9 Category Template

October 23, 2015

Microsoft Word - 6-9 catagory.docx

Phoenix Friday: Issue 199!

October 23, 2015

keybearer poster

It’s time.

All the Keybearers have been found.

Prepare for the final battle.

The time has finally come. All the Keybearers have been found, and in the nick of time! With only Tabs left in Phoenix HQ, who knows how long she would have lasted? But now our Keybearers have arrived:

Millie, Keybearer of Adventure


Oliver, Keybearer of Laughter


Simon and William, Keybearers of Knowledge


Ffion, Keybearer of Wonder


Moyin, Keybearer of Mystery


They had one goal…use the golden keys to get RID of the Antifun. It was an epic battle. The Keybearers fought their way through Phoenix HQ, saving the team room-by-room. It all looked good, the battle was surely won but at the end was the biggest and meanest of the Antifun. How were the Keybearers going to end the Antifun once and for all?

By calling on the power of our Phoenixers!

Call on power

The battle for The Phoenix has been won! Issue 200 will celebrate and reward our readers with a bumber-sized 48-page spectacular.


Phoenix Friday 09.10.2015

October 9, 2015

Weekly Strip

Hiya, Phoenixers! Tabs has had a great big gulp of Special Editor Coffee because with everyone MISSING our editor needed a special kick to get everything done! Especially with the ANTIFUN leaking through the fanfare walls. She’s on her own and doing her best to hold things together until the last key is found.


The last key is still not found and there are only two issues left to find it.

We’re running out of time but we have faith in you!

Also this week:

Corpse Talk