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Phoenix Fest 2015: A Great Weekend!

June 2, 2015


A few weeks ago we held the third annual Phoenix Fest at The Story Museum in Oxford! The results are in, and it was the BIGGEST KIDS COMIC FESTIVAL IN THE UK!

This wasn’t any old Phoenix Fest, this was bigger and better than the last! Not only did you all create amazing comics, you spent time with the Dark Lord himself, you even travelled through time and space to ensure the safe future of The Phoenix! This year’s Phoenix Fest was one big adventure!

We had a live theatre group called DifferencENGINE create an interactive storytelling adventure called ‘Secret! Secret! You can’t know!’ It was a quest which was inspired by the incredible back story of The Phoenix. When Bad Eggerton and Barnaby Knowles broke into the comic archives ‘The Phoenix Emergency Response Team’ enlisted the help of the children in setting things right. Together they solved puzzles, righted wrongs and used their creativity to power a time machine which took them on a journey into the future!


Loads of our artists and authors joined us for the weekend! Among them were The Etherington Brothers, Laura Ellen Anderson, Sally Jane Thompson, Jess Bradley, Zak Simmonds-Hurn, John Dickinson, Jamie Thomson, Neill Cameron, Adam Murphy, Jamie Littler, Dan Hartwell and Gary Northfield! They all had great fun providing shows and workshops and meeting their wonderful audience! They showed you how to draw garden critters, how to write an awesome comic, the best way to tell a story, how to draw historic corpses to interview and MORE! Then they signed t-shirts, comics and faces!



Two long time Phoenixers, Jonny and Jordan, also joined us at the festival. They were inspired by The Phoenix to create their own comics, and so came to the festival to inspire their peers to do the same with a Live Comic Jam! Here’s Jonny’s younger brother, another up-and-coming comic genius!


We had an amazing weekend and we’re thrilled that you guys did too! We went bigger than we have before and it’s all because of you!

A HUGE thank you to all artists who joined us for the weekend, and another BIG thank you to all Phoenix readers for reading the comic – we’ll see you for more Phoenix Fun at Phoenix Fest 2016!

Here are some extra photos of the weekend for you to enjoy!