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August 3, 2012

By Daniel Hartwell & Neill Cameron


Sophie has been sent south by boat – to stay with her uncle in a strange new land. Pangaea: a continent lost in time, where dinosaurs still roam the vast plains, and the hills and mountains hide troves of glittering treasure…

Itʼs a land of wonder, but also great danger. Explorers have dubbed this place the Sea of Green for the grasses grow tall as a man, and can only be crossed safely atop the great beasts that have no fear of raptors. To attempt a journey on foot means almost certain death. But itʼs not just the raptors that travellers should fear. For where thereʼs sea there are always pirates. And where the treasures are great come the most cut-throat pirates of all…

Pirates of Pangaea is created by…


Dan has been writing comics for years, and used to run the Caption convention. He has a BA in Media Production from the University of Lincoln and Humberside, where he learned a lot about script writing and story structure. Dan has worked in lots of interesting places including a magistrates court, for a Online Pharmacy mental health team and as a PA to a brain surgeon.


Born in Oxford. Started drawing robots and dinosaurs. Did some other stuff for a bit. Decided that drawing robots and dinosaurs was way more fun, so went back to that. Neill holds degrees in Philosophy, Information Technology, Paleontology, Robotics and Advanced Awesomeology. (NOTE: NOT ALL OF THESE ARE TRUE). Neill is the creator of the graphic novel series Mo-Bot High, Book One available now from the fantastic DFC Library (find out more at www.mobot-high.com).