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Tag: ‘Team Phoenix’

Upcoming Events – Where we’re going to be!

September 30, 2013

We love doing events and meeting current and prospective Phoenixers. Read on to find out where we're going to be over the next couple of months. And stay tuned for some big announcements about some super exciting events we'll be doing next year!




19th & 20th October: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (Kendal)

We're thrilled to be at the very first Lakes International Comic Art Festival and will have our own fantastic Phoenix Comic Creation Area in the Family Zone. Come and see Gary Northfield, Rob Deas and Adam Murphy!


8th & 9th November: Seven Stories National Center for Children’s Books (Newcastle)

The Phoenix comic and Seven Stories will be hosting comic creation workshops for schools and the public! Neill Cameron will be taking children through a world of pirates, dinosaurs, robots and more!


21st-24th November: NEC Christmas Fair (Birmingham)

The Phoenix comic will have a stall for the entirety of the fun, fabulous, festive gift fair! You'll be able to pick up The Phoenix comic to give as a gift!


23rd & 24th November: Thought Bubble (Leeds)

We're looking forward to a super fun-filled activity area at Thought Bubble in Leeds. Join us and a menagerie of Phoenix artists! Pick up great deals on back issues too!

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A Family Saga in Comic Form

July 3, 2013

Last Saturday The Guardian’s John-Paul Flintoff teamed up with Phoenix artist Adam Murphy to tell the story of the founders of The Phoenix, the Fickling family. They live and work together making comics, which can sometimes be … well … tough.

Full of coffee, comics and chaos, read about the clan behind the weekly story comic. You can see the full article HERE, but we've taken the liberty of introducing the Ficklings to you below.

Scroll down and meet them all!






If you want to get in on the action, The Phoenix have teamed up with The Guardian to offer you the chance to make your own family comic.

Check out the details here

Huge Phoenix salutes go to the brilliant John-Paul Flintoff for all his amazing words, and Adam Murphy for putting down his shovel and usual routine of stalking graveyards in Corpse Talk, to draw such a wonderful comic.

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November 16, 2011


Editor in Chief of The Phoenix, Tabs really runs the show. Nothing distracts her from her work (except maybe a really snarly ball of wool…) She finds all the brilliant strips, keeps a close eye on the rest of the team and reads all your letters (see The Fanfare page in every issue to see if she’s chosen yours for print!) When Tabs isn’t hunting down a great new story-strip, she likes nothing better than to spend an afternoon fishing.

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November 16, 2011


Chops is a complicated Pig, that no one really understands – except for his friends. He’s a little bit accident-prone and easily distracted. But he really loves comics! Chops is second in command to Miss Inkspot, and it’s his duty to make sure you guys know what's what inside the comic. He’s also usually first in the know when there’s a great competition to enter, so keep your eye on him!

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November 16, 2011

bruno_smallBruno is the head of The Phoenix Comic news-hounds. He’s in charge of sniffing out all the important stories from the world of The Phoenix and beyond. He rarely ever barks and almost never bites. In fact, Bruno is probably the friendliest Bulldog you could hope to meet. But he's not afraid to chase down a scoop (that Yapski needs keeping in line!) in his role as top- dog for The Big News. When he’s not working, Bruno loves curling up by the fireside and chomping on a good bone.

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November 16, 2011

SCOOP_PAGE_TURNScoop chases stories faster than some dogs (and pigs!) chase their tails. When Bruno sends Scoop out on a lead, you can be sure he’ll track down the facts and bring them to The Big News before you can say Fetch! Scoop’s also a fearless interviewer – look out for his ‘Yapski Meets’ exclusives, where he’ll be talking to some of The Phoenix’s top stars. Away from his work, Scoop loves to … research his next story!

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