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The Etherington Bros with a lot of BAGGAGE!

September 17, 2013


by Lorenzo and Robin Etherington

Pack your bags for a Detective-Adventure-Comedy like no other!

DFC-Library Baggage HC


BAGGAGE tells the tale of Randall, a happy-go-lucky but disaster-prone lost property officer who spends his days looking after all the weird and wonderful belongings that are misplaced by the citizens of Triptych City.


Unfortunately Randall's weary boss is about to present him with an impossible ultimatum: either he locates the owner of the oldest item stored in the immense lost property warehouse – by the end of the day – or he's out of a job!


So begins an adventurous journey through an amazing city. Randall's inquiries attract countless bizarre, amusing, and sometimes dangerous characters. Clues are uncovered where and when he least expects them, and help arrives from the strangest of quarters.


But wherever Randall goes, BIG trouble is sure to follow. Will he succeed in his impossible mission? And even if he does, just how much of the city will be left standing?


Baggage is available NOW, from the online Phoenix shop and read a special preview right here! Click on the virtual comic below to get reading!


The Etherington Brothers