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The Phoenix Takes Flight!

January 10, 2012

Saturday 7th January 2012 was official Phoenix day!

After months of waiting, our little, perky bird finally cracked its egg and took flight into the wide blue yonder ready to share wonderful story-strips that will have children trembling with excitement each week!

To note the occasion The Phoenix team held a small tea party at the brilliant Story Museum to celebrate this fiery bird’s inaugural flight. A HUGE “Thank you!” to The Story Museum and everyone who came, and a MASSIVE “We missed you!” to all of those who couldn’t attend. We are incredibly grateful to you all.

Here’s to a fiery Phoenix filled year!

Have a look at some of the snaps that we got during the day below.

Phoenix marketing assistant Georgie Kennington spreads her wings!

The Phoenix pull-out in The Times!

Nibbles at the ready...

A Phoenix gang (left to right) Laurence Beck, Clare Kennington, Will Fickling & Jen Kim

Ted Dewan, Pandora Dewan and Helen Cooper show their support for The Phoenix

The party in full swing!

'Pirates of Pangaea' co-creator Neill Cameron and Phoenix Editor Ben Sharpe show off The Phoenix, whilst Assistant Editor Will Fickling smiles on!

POW! 'The Lost Boy' creator Kate Brown shows off her fists of fury!

A sneak peek at some of the great things coming this year in The Phoenix!