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January 17, 2012

Tremendous news, Phoenix fans!

Multi-award-winning writer and artist PHILIP REEVE and multi-award-winning writer and artist SARAH MCINTYRE are teaming up to produce an all-new strip for The Phoenix Comic.

JINKS AND O’HARE FUNFAIR REPAIR will be arriving in The Phoenix later this year and features GHOSTS, HUMUNGOUS SQUID, MERMAIDS, THE GALAXY’S GREATEST FUNFAIR RIDES, and two very special repair dudes. Jinks (tall, skinny, bowler-hatted and, well … a bit goggly-eyed) and O’Hare (short, quite roundy, and really rather hirsute) are the go-to guys when things go awry on the universe’s wildest funfair moon. And they’re about to have some serious bother on … the GHOST TRAIN!